The Apiary

The Apiary is located is located at Seven Bends State Park.  We work in conjunction with the Parks Service to maintain the bees at that location, to provide a location that is safe for the bees and for humans that may come in contact with the them.


From 81:  Take exit 283.  Take 42 N.  At the Stoplight (Sheets is on the R corner) go straight on to East Reservoir Rd.

From Rt 11 N.  Turn Right at the Stoplight (Sheets is on your left) onto East Reservoir Rd

From Rt 11 S.  Turn Left at the Stoplight (Walgreens is on your Right) onto East Reservoir Rd

directions to apiary

Once on East Reservoir Rd, turn Left onto S Water St. then Right onto Hollingsworth. Hollingsworth turns into Lupton and Lupton takes a sharp right.  Cross the low water bridge into the park.  Drive towards the rest rooms.  You can go through the gates and park by the barn.  You do not need a park pass for beeclub activities.