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Matt Bordelon

Matt was born in the swamps of South Louisiana before there was an internet, and fortunately, before YouTube. After growing up raising alligators and other swamp creatures, he sought a better understanding of the world, gradually learning to read, write and cook, but not necessarily in that order. Matt began beekeeping a few years ago, finding honeybees much more sociable than the ground bees, hornets and wasps that he have previously encountered, usually by accident. Although new to beekeeping, Matt enjoys catching swarms, extracting honey, and learning from the old timers.

Vice President

Rebecca Gartner

Becky Gartner grew up in Shenandoah County and after living away from the area for many years returned home in 2021. She has been beekeeping for 5 years and with her husband, they operate Green Acres Apiary and Shenandoah Bee Supply. Her real job is working as a Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent for Virginia Cooperative Extension in Rockingham County. Her hobbies include gardening, home food preservation and cooking.



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Julie Dellinger

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Apiary Manager

Amy Hodge

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